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  • Adult use only
  • Not for pregnant women
  • Store below 30℃ away from light

LAV Feminine Hygiene Wash has Natural Ingredients that have
been proved by several Health Authorizing Bodies to take care of Yeast
Infection and cause the vaginal muscles to contract. LAV has also
been proven to increase sensitivity in the woman leading to better
sex and powerful orgasms while it brings back vagina suppleness.

LAV Serum is an extract from unique blend of herbs, extremely
safe for clearing vagina inflammations or swellings & Irritations.
It stops vagina drying even as it contracts the vaginal walls.
Gets rid of itches & scratches as well as Swellings.

“LAV” anti-microbial function gets rid of bad odor.
The Herbal liquid Restores the natural GOD given feminine
juices and flora making the Lady more appealing to her partner.

“LAV” prevents loose and sagging vagina walls and improves the
grip vagina has with the male organ.

LAV Feminine Hygiene Wash fights vaginal dryness preventing yeast
infections and enhances sexual pleasure and boosts the overall vaginal
health; by acting as a natural lubricant.

“LAV” herbal Liquid strengths pelvic cavity muscles in the pelvic floor,
particularly in the female genital. It contracts the vagina comfortably,
getting the lady to experience more sexual pleasures and orgasm.

“LAV” is a natural Astrigent with Anti-Oxidants, Calcium, Vitamins and Iron.

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The tropical herbal extracts in “LAV” correct the vagina lubrication to a balanced level,
preventing vaginal dryness. The tropical herbal extracts in “LAV” correct the vagina
lubrication to a balanced level, preventing vaginal dryness. Blended to create our Superb
Herbal Liquid, it reverses the vaginal sagging and aging process. It enhances,
strengthens and firms up muscle tone and elasticity of the passage way

It is also a treatment for excessive white and yellow vaginal discharge,
Leucorrhoea and also removes bad odor.

The vagina is an organ with highly organized sensory end that transmits
signals to the brain for stimulation. The liquid therefore raises
progesterone levels in women enhancing sexual sensitivity and stamina
and improving your ability to achieve frequent and more powerful orgasms.

If the lady is experiencing any or a combination of
the following problems she could be suffering from leucorrhea.

  • Vaginal irritation
  • Vaginal discharge
  • White discharge
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Yellow discharge

Leucorrhea is the inflammation of the mucus membranes which releases a
yellowish white discharge from the female genital tract. It could be due to poor
health or unhygienic contact with the genital organ. This white or yellow
discharge could be odorless or have a foul smells due to the level of infections. In
normal cases the lady will experience it just before or after menstrual bleeding.

A discharge, which causes foul smelling vaginal, type can indicate bacterial or viral STD
infections those such as genital wart virus. It is a fishy and unpleasant smell in the vagina, that is
associated with malicious secretions due to a wide variety of causes.

The secretions lead to skin irritation and swelling of the lips of the vagina, causing so much
discomforts in the genitals. The discharge and foul smelling vaginal can indicate bacterial or
viral STD infections such as genital wart virus. It is known that 30% of women suffers from this
foul smelling vaginal discharge which is a very embarrassing condition.

Along with the unpleasant smell, a change in discharge is usually the most common symptoms of any
kind of some common vaginal infections that cause odor are yeast infections also known as bacterial
vaginosis and trichomoniasis. After first being diagnosed by a doctor “LAV” Feminine Hygiene Wash
cure these infections. Vaginal odor should improve once the infection is gone.

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